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WESU1 Clock Configuration issue

Question asked by Sivanathan.sivagunal on Dec 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Adriano Basile

hi all,

    I have recently purchase a WESU1 device and used it as a reference for my custom wearable device design. i re flashed the WESU1 device with the sensor example firmware(STSW-WESU1) found it from following ST link and the file location ""  "en.stsw-wesu\STSW-WESU1\Projects\STEVAL-WESU1\Examples\Sensors_Read\MDK-ARM"

I used keil to compiler and debug the firmware and found out that the system tick handler stopped while configuring the External clock.

    I tried configuring WESU1 (stm32L151VEY6) to toggle a LED on-board using stm32CubeMX with the fresh project and the external clock configuration has no issues related to the system tick handler. i perform this to check the Hardware functionality and look for any hardware related issues and all it seems to be fine with all the hardware.

    I use STm32F0 discovery board to programme the WESU1 device via SWD (serial wire Debugger) and have no errors or warning while flashing the firmware.

 any one have any suggestion?