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LCD 16x2 Characters Sample Code

Discussion created by S. Marsanne Employee on Dec 18, 2016

16x2 Character based display


This is a popular and easy to find LCD Display. It is character based so it is ideal for small MCU memory footprint.

The communication is similar to SPI. Display reference: LCD NHD-C0216CZ-NSW-BBW-3V3 (digikey)


These are 3.3V based display requirering external capacitors for LCD. There is a backlight. A transflective display will work either in the dark or sunlight (the pixel has part of its surface using mirror)


Here is an example extract of simple C an H code to drive this display.


Any questions, feel free to ask.


Note: When updating the display, use a slow refresh rate (5 Hz max), slower than a keyboard scan (20 to 50 msec poll)