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STM32 send USB packet bigger than 64B

Question asked by none.Thomas on Dec 16, 2016

I'm currently developing on a Nucleo-144 (NUCLEO-F446ZE).

When i want to send an answer to the pc with a packet bigger than maxpacket (64bytes)

the HAL library split it witch is normal but it's not well receive by the pc.

Wireshark see the first packet just split at 64bytes and them another unknown packet of the remaining bytes

there is another packet which is more than 256 bytes, there is one correct packet of 256 bytes and another one with the remaining.


HAL_PCD_EP_Transmit (pdev->pData, CCID_BULK_IN_CL_EP, buf, len);  

buf is the data i want to send (uint8_t[])


Compiler: Kiel µVision V5.20


Using the USB HS with FS PHY


i could use SW4STM32 (GCC) but I'm 99% sure the issue will be there too.