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SP1ML868 USB dongle, connection issue

Question asked by Kijania.Bartosz on Dec 15, 2016

Hey, I have just bought SP1ML868 USB dongle device and I can not connect it to SPIRIT1 DK application. I know that it's a silly problem but I have already installed required drivers, checked for FW updates, I can see theis divace connected to my COM4 in managed devices but stiil when I open this program I can only run  "emulator" mode. Thx in advance for any tips


EDIT: not sure if that important, but I tried to reinstal SPIRIT1 DK and during it i have ocured "stmicroelectronics (usbser) Ports (04/25/2010 1.3.1)" instalation problem.

EDIT2: What is more i managed to connect to this device via puTTy, and was able to configure it there, but still can not connect to SPIRIT1 DK