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Best Free IDE for programming STM32F769I-DISCO with cubeMX generated firmware?

Question asked by dake.dheeraj on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by avi_crak.videocrak

Hello everyone, 

I have the STM32F769I-DISCO board with LCD on it. The CubeMX has options to generate firmware for the following toolchains:


   [requires a paid license]

2. MDK      

   [works without license but the IDE is lagging on my computer], P.S- I have a gaming machine with beastly performance. 

3. Truestudio

   [free, the best IDE so far for me. I am able to write code and launch through this IDE]

4. SW4STM32

   [This is the worst toolchain. Inspite of being supported by the STM community, it has several bugs. I was unable to compile the firmware generated by cubeMX. It throws lots of errors.]


For some reasons, the printf is not working in Truestudio. That's why I am looking at the most preferred environment for programming this board. 


Sorry to say this, but the firmware examples are very bad. Please include examples which will ease our development.