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Interupt responstime issue stm32f429 vs stm32f767

Question asked by Tillema.Hans on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by S. Marsanne

I'am use for a project the stm32f429. The interrupt handler must react so soon as possible.
The stm32f429 interrupt responstime is 218ns.
It's  fast but not fast enough.
I decided to make a new design with the stm32f767 running at 216 mhz.
With the same configuration as the stm32f429 running at 180mhz
This configruation is generated with STM32CubeMX / KEIL vision MDK-ARM V5

However the interrupt response time is much longer, it is 376ns !!
Well is the processing of instructions faster.

What is the reason that the stm32f767 has a longer response time compared to the stm32f429 ??