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STMFlash Loader command line

Question asked by gx3000 on Dec 15, 2016

Hi, we use STM32F407. STMFlashLoader is V2.8.0. I use STMFlashLoader Demo.exe successfully if I set Boot0 to 1.

For some reasons, I need to test the STMFlashLoader.exe using the command line to download the firmware.

the command I used is as following:

STMFlashLoader.exe -c --pn 3 --br 115200 -e --all -i STM32F4_05_07_15_17_1024K -d --a 08000000 --fn monitor.hex  -p --drp

I also set Boot0 to 1, but it failed.

the log is as following:

Opening Port                             [OK]


erasing all pages                                [KO]
the MapFile name is Map\STM32F4_05_07_15_17_1024K.STmap
Sleep: Activating device                                 [OK]
This is STM32 F2/4/7 based on PID.




The file name is monitor.hex
The Image Number is 5
downloading      page/sector 0   @0x  8000000    size 16.00(KB)          [OK]
downloading      page/sector 1   @0x  8004000    size 16.00(KB)          [OK]
downloading      page/sector 2   @0x  8008000    size 16.00(KB)          [OK]
downloading      page/sector 3   @0x  800C000    size 16.00(KB)          [OK]
downloading      page/sector 4   @0x  8010000    size 35.63(KB)          [OK]
disabling read protection                                [OK]
disabling read protection: reseting device                               [OK]


Set the Boot0 back to 0 and reset. But the system can not start.

The size of monitor.hex  is 280KB in windows 7.

And if I compile the project Flash Loader project.sln with Win32, it can run just like the above the log.

But if I compile the project Flash Loader project.sln with x64, it can not open the port.

My computer is Windows7 64bit.

What's the problem? Who can help me?

Thanks. Waiting for your reply.