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UM1734 - Issue with the "Usage" description?

Question asked by shingadaddy on Dec 13, 2016

Is it just me or is the "Usage" stuff mostly upside down and backwards?

Me - I'm tending to believe the README.  



Manual UM1734:


- 1 x Bulk IN endpoint for receiving data from STM32 device to PC host:

When data are received over UART they are saved in the buffer "UserTxBuffer". Periodically, in a

timer callback the state of the buffer "UserTxBuffer" is checked. If there are available data, they

are transmitted in response to IN token otherwise it is NAKed.

The polling period depends on "CDC_POLLING_INTERVAL" value.





Manual UM1734:



- 1 x Bulk OUT endpoint for transmitting data from PC host to STM32 device:

When data are received through this endpoint they are saved in the buffer "UserRxBuffer" then they

are transmitted over UART using interrupt mode and in meanwhile the OUT endpoint is NAKed.

Once the transmission is over, the OUT endpoint is prepared to receive next packet in