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Static IP Address

Question asked by KUMAR.NANDEESH on Dec 14, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by KUMAR.NANDEESH

Hi Everyone !

I am using  SPWF01S wifi module.

I would like to assign static IP for my module, so that my module will have same IP address even when connected with different networks.

I used the following AT Commands

at+s.scfg = ip_use_dhcp,0

at+s.scfg = ip_ipaddr,

at+s.scfg = ip_netmask,

at+s.scfg = ip_gw,

at+s.scfg = ip_dns,

when I use the above commands the module is allotted with static IP but SOCKET connection is not happening but when I use "ip_use_dhcp,1" then everything works fine.


Help me to solve this issue.