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What could be consuming power in stop mode after flashing an STM32L073?

Question asked by segal.ron on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2016 by segal.ron

So I'm running a program on an STM32L073 that puts the device into stop mode to minimise power consumption.

After flashing the device (via ST-LinkV2) it starts up and enters stop mode where it is consuming around 135 uA

After a soft reset (reset button or program) when the device enters stop mode again it consumes the same current.

However if the power is re-cycled upon entering stop mode it consumes around 5 uA

After a soft reset it consumes the same.

So I'd appreciate views on what could be running, or how to identify what could be running, in stop mode after flashing. As I'd like to switch that off!

Pretty sure that it is actually entering stop mode in the former case as putting it into sleep mode the consumption is significantly higher than 135 uA.

(maybe something to do with RTC and backup domains,which survive normal flashing, but can't think what would cause that level of consumption).   Thanks, Ron