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How do I get STSPIN240 expansion board to drive small coreless motors?

Question asked by Holmes.Heidi on Dec 14, 2016

I cannot get these small coreless motors running on this nucleo STSPIN240 expansion board. I have tried other dc motors and they run just fine. However, if I put a 10 ohm resistor on the output of the motor, the motors will drive.



I asked an ST tech and he said try changing the ref resistor which is currently at 200K. I changed it to 300K and nothing happened, the yellow leds are still dim and motor still will not drive. I am not sure how changing this REF resistor affects the logic/motors, but what value resistor should I be using or how else can I get the coreless motors to drive without resistors on its motor?   



Expansion board schematic and STSPIN240 datasheet.