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How to configure LIS2DE12 to support ODR=5.3kHz ?

Question asked by Jung.Hae_Ryong on Dec 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by Miroslav B

Hi All,

I am developing device to analyze vibration with LIS2DE12 acceclerometer.
I have encountered problem that sensor did not work with ORD=5.3kHz, it worked fine for all other ODRs.
How to configure sensor to work ODR=5.3kHz ?
My configuration is as follows
CTRL_REG1 : 0x97
CREL_REG3 : 0x10
CTRL_REG4 : 0x10
All other registers are default.

My expected processing steps are as follows
1. INT1 pin is enabled when sensor data is ready
2. MCU got INT1 signal, send event to handle interrupt
3. interrupt handler read sensor data.
As I have measured, the period of INT1 signal is around 1.3kHz

please take a look at my configuration and let me know anything to check.

Hae Ryong