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STM32L0 vs STM32F0 huge difference in base code size

Question asked by Anders Dam Kofoed on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by Clive One

HI All,
I am wondering why initial code size differs with a factor of 3 between the STM32F031K6 and the STM32L031K6 - just for making an LED blink.


I use CubeMx to generate the project and GCC (OpenSTM32 AC6 IDE) to compile it. In CubeMX I select the Nucleo-F031K6 and the Nucleo-L031K6 and click the "Initialize all peripherals with their default mode". Then I leave everything as default, just enough to make the LD3 blink (PB3).


Compiling the project without any modification gives me the following code size:


== STM32L031K6 ==
arm-none-eabi-size "TEST-L0.elf"
text data bss dec hex filename
12504 12 1684 14200 3778 TEST-L0.elf


== STM32F031K6 ==
arm-none-eabi-size "TEST-F0.elf"
text data bss dec hex filename
4536 12 1684 6232 1858 TEST-F0.elf


== Question ==
Why this huge difference in code size between the L0 (12,5 KB) and the F0 (4,5 KB) ?


Kind regards