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Problem with Mounting and IDEs for STM32F429ZIT6

Question asked by Munna Munna on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2016 by Clive One

Hi all,

I am new to microcontroller programming, and i recently started working on STM32F429ZIT6 MCU.

I could able to program the Discovery board with sample programs(Blinking LEDs) with Kiel IDE, though i am facing few licence issues with advanced level of programming so switched to Coocox or System work bench for STM32(OPEN STM32AC6) and working on it.

I would like to attach an embedded LTE module(Skywire™ LTE CAT1) to my microcontroller, my problem is i am unable to figure out if i can mount directly with Microcontroller or do i need other nucleo board to attach Modem with MCU? What is the use of nucleoboard if we can directly mount the modem with microcontroller?

After mounting can i be able to program the device with Coocox or OPENSTM32? or Do i need specific IDEs for this application?

Please suggest?