Jan's view of this place

Discussion created by waclawek.jan on Dec 9, 2016

It took me some time to understand what's really going on here, geographically, and now I have a mental map of this place (I am not very interested in the "social" dimension of the whole project so I don't quite care how people and "merits" are organized, just the core information).


I now see it as a file system. The individual places represent directories (folders) and they are organized in a tree:

 C  STM32 MCUs Community 
F       STM32 MCUs Forum
F   Interface and Connectivity ICs
 C  Automotive MCUs Community
F       SPC5 Automotive MCUs
F   Power Management and Motor Control
F   Switches and Multiplexers
F   Analog and Audio
F   EMI Filtering and Signal Conditioning
F   ST25 NFC/RFID Tags and Readers
FC  MEMS and Sensors Community
F   Legacy MCUs
F   Discontinued Products

F   eDesignSuite

 C  University Community
        Grenoble INP ESISAR

a   About this community
BA  Share Your Activities
    Knowledge Base    
 A  Contribute your knowledge
 A  Help The Community

I will explain the letters later. I could not find any organized view of these - the complete list can be seen through [menu]->Browse->Places, or clicking on All Places in the "where am I" indicator when displaying one content (a "file" in my view, see later), e.g. All Places > STM32 MCUs Community > STM32 MCUs Forum > Discussions.


These places can be accessed generally from the [menu], and the nested ones also from its parent place's [submenu]->Subspaces where they are listed (this here really can be demonstrated only in Universities Community, which has two subspaces). The letters indicate, in which [menu] is the place located: F is [menu]->Forums, C is [menu]->Communities, B is [menu]->Browse, A is [menu]->Actions and a is [menu]->About this community. I could not find other way to get to Knowledge Base only through All Places.


Each place ("directory") contains items of content ("files") of different types (think of ".exe", ".doc", ".pdf", ".xls"); they each may (and do) have an internal structure (e.g. Discussions and Questions known from the Fora are a tree consisting from individual posts ("sub-files")): Blog Posts, Documents, Discussions, Questions, Polls, Videos, Events, Ideas, Thumbnails, Details. Individual places allow only a sub-selection of this list. Complete content of the whole Community can be seen through [Menu]->Browse->Content.


There's even an equivalent of "symlinks", as content from one place can be displayed in other places too.


Places have [submenus] which consists of a set of items individually selected for each place, and determine the way how content is displayed. The first one is the default upon entering a place. Some of [submenu] items are [submenu]->Overview, which is a rather messy mashup of fields of various types of  content; [submenu]->Activity, which is supposed to display recent changes in content (but tends to be unintelligible too); [submenu]->Content, which is our familiar forum/thread-list view; [submenu]->Subspacers, which we mentioned previously and is surprisingly present in almost if not every place even if most of them are leaves.


This may be a crude view, may miss some of the points, and the terminology is certainly different from the official, but this work for me at the moment helping to navigate and survive here.