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STM32F207 Nucleo 144 Board UART2 Data Receiving

Question asked by Kale.Sumit on Dec 9, 2016
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I am using STM Cube MX for designing the UART2 Communication over STM32F207 Nucleo 144 Board. I have designed the Code for tranmitter part & it worked fine. I am getting data on PC (Tera Term Interface).


Now i want to receive data over UART. For this i have put connector between PD5 (UART2 TX over Nucleo 144 Board) & PD6(UART2 Receiver over Nucleo 144). This PD5 & PD6 are morpho Connection ports available on Nucleo 144 Board. I have initialised Interrupts as well as IRQ Handler. Still my data buffer not receiving any data.


So do i connect directly tx & rx part over Nucleo 144 board?? (I just want to see whether characters transmitted through TX are getting on RX or not). Further i will connect external BUS Transmitter to the RX pin on which i have to Monitor the Received data Byte (If data receiving works successfuly).


So please let me know where i am doing wrong. I have attached Code below.