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STM32F429 Disco USB + CAN randomly not working

Question asked by Schneider.Felix on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Schneider.Felix

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to use the STM32F429-Disc0 board with CubeMX as a CAN to USB bridge but I'm running across very strange behaviour now.


I've made it to the point where the device gets enumerated correctly by setting heap and stack sizes. When I just use an infinite loop after MX_USB_DEVICE_Init(); then I can connect Hterm or any other serial program and it works. However, as soon as I run MX_CAN1_Init(); in my code, the USB becomes totally unreliable. It still enumerates correctly, but as soon as I want to open it in any serial program, I get an internal error. 10% of the times it just randomly works.


I tried connecting an external power supply, moving the CAN pins, playing around with interrupt settings and so on.


Right now I'm using the HS USB with internal FS Phy and CAN 1 with PinD0 PinD1.


Please, if anyone has a solution for this, I would be very grateful.