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stm32cube lwip clean code but no link?

Question asked by ismail fatih iltar on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by ismail fatih iltar

hi everyone. im new at stm32 and im trying to use lwip with cubemx (firmware :stm32cubef4  v1.14.0). my board is stm3241g-eval. and i investigated example projects and it works (ex. udp echo client) I created a new project with selected true board(my board is new and all jumpers at default) and my cube settings are:  


SYS : systick

Eth : MII   (its ok for default eval board)

Clk Conf :  uisng HSE and CLK Mhz = 168

RTOS: no

LWIP : enabled

       lwip  :dhcp disable ( for static)

       phyaddres: 1

       eth global interrupt: enable and priority 5


i use clean code(i didnt add anything) for trying to get link at MX_LWIP_INIT function but it does not work. what is the problem? or what i must to control ? thx