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Re: connect X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1 to stm32f746g discovery -> Adding support to the packages

Question asked by christophe onillon on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by christophe onillon
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OK for the idea, a small rework to do on the board in this case.


1- i need to disable the pin 13 mangement in the application (BSP_LED) in stm32f746g_discovery.c file in the demonstration project of the board.


what is the default state of the pins if not initialize, please ?


2- Create a new configuration for the spi2 (using for example stm32 cube) with d13,d12,d11 clk, mosi, miso pins.

the base of the configuration that can be found on the projet in the stm32f4x_nucleo.c file

And add a new entry in the stm32_blue_nrg_ble.h file and complete stm32f746g_discovery file.


i didn't find the ico extension file  wih the démonstrations to modify the configuration.

Is there a possibility to reverse the ioc file ?


3- create a new entry in the stm32bluenrg_ble.h adding support for this board.


i hope that i'll not lost functionnality about pin affected to spi2 : the goal is to keep all current demo and add ble scanner for example.


Your advice ?


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