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STM32L0 Boot Configuration (Boot0 Boot1) Misunderstanding

Question asked by LEVENE.Sylvain on Dec 8, 2016
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We are designing a new product around the STM32L081, in reading the reference manual : RM0377 - Ultra-low-power STM32L0x1 advanced ARM®-based 32-bit MCUs,

We have two tables concerning the boot mode which are not giving the same mode for BOOT0 ; BOOT1 combination.

In the chapter 2.4 Boot Configuration, 

2.4 Boot Configuration Table


And in the chapter 3.3.2 Dual-bank boot capability,

We have the following table discribing the different Boot Mode in Dual Bank

3.3.2 Dual bank boot Table


The two tables are telling opposite information concerning the boot mode regarding the value of BOOT0 and BOOT1, for Embedded RAM and System Memory booting.


Which table has the corrects values or did I miss something ?