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Discussion created by ST Renegade on Dec 7, 2016
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Dear ST guys,


Have your thought about defining a set of tags? At the moment what I understand, there are some predefined tags + user tags. In my opinion this can lead to chaos in the future.


What I would appreciate is to have tags dedicated to each device like F1, F2, F4, L0, L4 etc. + tags related to package and flash/RAM size + peripheral. Otherwise the forum will be overwhelmed by strange useless tags.


Also what I'm missing a bit is a sort of form while creating a new question etc. This form would contain exactly these informations (MCU series, flash size, RAM size, package, the peripheral which the user is asking for help etc. and later the users could use it to filter the topic using these parameters instead of user defined tags.


What do you think? Just my opinion, but it would significantly improve the forum in the future in my opinion.


Have a nice day,