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STM32F4-Discovery EEPROM emulation demo does not work

Question asked by Kim.Hansuk on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by g.c.003

I have STM32F4-Discovery board. (MB997B with Discovery-MO expansion board)

From STM32Cube package, I ran several examples, applications and demo successfully. But EEPROM_Emulation application does not work well.


When I start program, LD4 is blinking, indicating error is occurred. I tracked step-by-step, so error occurred here.


switch (PageStatus0)
/* Page0 valid, Page1 receive */
              /* Transfer the variable to the Page1 */
              EepromStatus = EE_VerifyPageFullWriteVariable(VirtAddVarTab[VarIdx], DataVar);
              /* If program operation was failed, a Flash error code is returned */
              if (EepromStatus != HAL_OK)
                return EepromStatus;



  /* EEPROM Init */
  if( EE_Init() != EE_OK)


I tried this with EWARM 7.70 and SW4STM32 and the result are same.

I don't understand why it does not work. I changed nothing in the program. There seems no hardware configuration.