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BlueNRG Python Scriptlauncher

Question asked by Dhaval Malav on Dec 7, 2016
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Referring to this question: Python scripting for BlueNRG 


Dear customer,
I'll try to give a feedback to you:
•Can scripts be run in a normal Python debug environment rather than using BlueNRG_Script_Launcher to run?
- No the scripts written for BlueNRG device cannot be runned in a normat Python debug because they contain special command understanding only using BlueNRG_Script_Launcher or GUI.

•Can I import standard Python modules into my BlueNRG GUI script?
Yes, you can import any standard Python modules into BlueNRG GUI script.
•Is there a BlueNRG module or package I can import to add Bluetooth capabilities to a normal Python program?
Graziella Marchese
I tried to import a python package in the script and ran using script launcher but it failed with ImportError. I am using Windows 7 OS. Any suggestion on how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance.