FOC 4.3, "Out of order I/O init sequence"

Discussion created by ziglioli.daniele on Dec 6, 2016

In the release note of 4.3 version has been reported as fixed the following issue :

"3.2.2 Known problems/limitations in v4.2 fixed in v4.3

 - Out of order I/O init sequence leading to power stage damage"

In order to understand if our projects could  be affected by this problem,

it's possible to know some more detail when this condition is reached in previous FOC version ?


Looking at the code:

At my first impression , in my case (STM32F446, 3 shunts pwm), the only significant difference

seems in R3_F4XX_PWMnCurrFdbkClass.c

R3F4XX_TIMxInit(pDParams_str->TIMx, this);
/* GPIOs configurations --------------------------------------------------*/


the order of TIMx init respect to the GPIO configurations , in 4.3 is made before the GPIO config.


Is this the cited modification ?  in that case, can I port  the same mod on my previous versions (4.2,4.0) projects ?