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idw01m1 deauthenticated

Question asked by giuseppe.scarpi on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by Gerardo Gallucci

Hello folks,

while experimenting with an idw01m1 module, I am experiencing deauthentication with the message:

WIND:40:WiFi Deauthentication 3

With the "2015" firmware, the module was unable to reconnect until WiFi was turned off and on.

With latest (2016) firmware the situation has improved a bit, and the module automatically reconnects.

I strongly suspect this behaviour has something to do with a timeout because:

1) it happens only if there is no data exchange

2) it happens exactly and systematically after 300 seconds from the last RX/TX.

Yet, I wasn't able to find a parameter either in the module or in the router to change it.


To connect, I execute this sequence after a factory reset:


at+s.ssidtxt=<my SSID>






Commands are written via console, so I am sure to wait for the correct answer.


With the automatic reconnection, the situation is not that bad. I just fear that DHCP can assign a different IP when the module re-authenticates. This would cause undesired behaviour in my application.

I am using a WPA2 personal authentication. The router is an ASUS N55U.