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HTS221 Reset registers to Default

Question asked by Pakhomov.Sergey on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by S. Marsanne


Sorry for my English.

specified in the datasheet

 If a slave receiver does not acknowledge the slave address (i.e. it is not able to receive because it is performing some real-time function) the data line must be kept HIGH by the slave. The master can then abort the transfer. A LOW to HIGH transition on the SDA line while the SCL line is HIGH is defined as a STOP condition. Each data transfer must be terminated by the generation of a STOP (SP) condition.

Sensor sets the data line in high. The microcontroller by sending an address sensor receives NACK, and stops communication.

After that, registers AV_CONF, CTRL _REG1, CTRL _REG2, CTRL_REG3 reset to its default state (All read operations read the default values).

This situation occurs if the ODR> 0. (1 Hz 7 Hz 12,5 Hz)


Why is this happening?
How do I check the conversion is complete without RDY pin (ODR>0)?


Best regards, Sergey