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Question asked by shingadaddy on Dec 5, 2016
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ST document numbers/Titles?

UM1734: I have this. I want to see if I have the latest revision so ----
All along the bottom of each page is "DocID025934 Rev 3"

1. Doing a SITE SEARCH for "DocID025934" or parts of it turn up "NO RESULTS".
I use those kinds of searches instead of UMxxx because through the years I've learned that those
DOC ID numbers usuall, in the industry in general, take you to the NEWEST version.

2. Doing a SITE SEARCH for "UM1734" turns up lots of hits but the TOP one suggests a document "en.DM00108129.pdf"
NOT A LINK mind you but if I click the link ABOVE that I sure enough get UM1734 ( DocID025934 or whatever it is )

3. Doing a SITE SEARCH for "en.DM00108129.pdf" turns up "No Results found".

So it leave me  - How am I susposed to know the live link that takes me to the doc is the correct UP TO DATE link?

Is there a Method? Or just Maddness?


Please advise and YES my CDC post is a QUESTION......   : - |