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AT+CFUN=1 unexpected reaction on ver 3.5 of FW

Question asked by Vshivtsev.Daniel on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by Vshivtsev.Daniel

I have some troubles with wifi module.
At first I have upgraded a firmware of my SPWF01SA.11from ver 3.3 (default) to ver 3.5 following instructions.
And since this moment I found unexpected reaction of module for "AT+CFUN" command.
Now, If I send from console "AT+CFUN=1" module gets RESTART event and puts to the console:  "+WIND:2:Reset" and ... NOMORE! No reaction for any console command while hardware reset button not being pressed.

I think, the module is not responding.
And now I cannot reset the module from console (by host MCU software), only by hardware button on pcb.
How can I eliminate this trouble?

Best regards, Daniel.