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stm8s discovery version

Question asked by tuxd3v on Mar 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by tuxd3v
Hi guys, I am developing the lypus tool(a stm8 tool for Linux)

for what I know stm8s discovery has a stlinkv1 in a STM32F103C8T6?!

Does stlinkv1 is the unique version in the stm8 discovery boards range?

can we update using STMicroelectronics stlink update tool(unfortunatly for windows...), the stlinkv2 for example to a stm8s discovery board?

Another thing,I can't find any info on stlink protocol, which is difficult, and this lead the people to choose AVR or PIC as a solution on Linux platform, which will deteorate the stm8 mcu business....

I like the simplicity of stm8 mcu, and I think that it has strong capabilities!

I would like to do something like Arduino, but with this STM8 MCU...

My question is...
Is there ANY public API that will help me to interface with stlinkv1 or STLinkv2??
I DON'T WANT STLINKV1/V2 CODE! which is proprietary i think,

I want an API to interface with stlink present on stm8 boards from Linux OS, and in that case I will be able to work with stm8 discovery boards.

I ask kindly to STMicroelectronics, to let me know something about this.