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ERROR: There is not enough free space

Question asked by ziglioli.daniele on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Mareike H
I'm using the module in MiniAP mode , I write once a second a file "data.json" in the RAM memory pages.
I'm using a sequence like this :

   "AT+S.FSD=/data.json" ....
   "AT+S.FSC=/data.json,512" ....  
the file size is 260 byte max, so the file is quite lower the the max_size=4096 form the manual.

anything seems OK but suddenly, after some seconds, I got the error message:
   "ERROR: There is not enough free space"
when I try to create the file.

I've update the module to the last SPWF01S-160129-c5bf5ce-RELEASE-main.ota fw.
The only way I've found to free memory is to reset the module using 
but in this way the client will be detached.
I suspect some problem related to the module heap, after the error I print the heap values:
ERROR: There is not enough free space
#  min_heap = 7008
#  free_heap = 8072

There are some other way to free the memory?
how can I mange this situation?
I'm doing something wrong ?