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SPC5Studio Build and Debug Problems

Question asked by evren on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Erwan Y

I'm new to SPC5Studio environment and experiencing some problems using it. I'll be glad if you can help about the following issues:

1) When I try to create a project using steps

"File->New->C Project->Makefile Project->SPC5 C/C++ Application"

and press to the "Finish" button, an error message is shown saying

"Unknown process:"

and the created project is empty. When I use the wizard, I can create an example project which I can succesfully generate and build.

2) I'm working on SPC570S-DISP development board. However, I couldn't connect it through the USB port. SPC5Studio doesn't see it as an hardware to which it can load the program code. Debug button on the Activity Wizard is not activated. 
What should I do to make SPC5Studio to connect the SPC570S-DISP hardware using the on-board USB?

Thanks in advance for any help.