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Setting up server on openssl for AN4683 (SPWF01Sx)

Question asked by housley.jake on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2016 by housley.jake

I am running Windows 10 and I am trying to figure out how to test the one-way authentication in the application note AN4683. I have apache and openssl downloaded but I need help creating the certificate/key and how to start a server and then connect the wifi module to that server? I have generated keys and certificates using page 28/29 but I don't know what arguments to put in them (so i just kept what was given) when generating the keys/certificates. Three main questions are:

1. Which keys and certificates do I generate to test one-way authentication with my computer as the server and module as the client, and how do I generate them (aka what args/values do I use when doing the openssl commands)

2. How do I start the server with the certificates I just generated? (I tried the command on page 20 of AN4683 but it didn't work)

3. How do I connect the SPWF01Sx to this server on my computer?

Please let me know any information or help that you have. Thank you,