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BlueNRG: does it support Prepare Write reception?

Question asked by cillerai.dario on Oct 9, 2015
we have to transfer long attributes (images) on BlueTooth.
We read in BLE Specifications 4.0 that this can be accomplished
using the “Write Long Characteristic Values” procedure described in 4.9.4 of part F:
a sequence of Attribute Protocol


Prepare Write Request – Prepare Write Response


terminated by:


Execute Write Request - Execute Write Response


However, looking at the code, it seems that only BlueNRG MS (and not BlueNRG)
provides the offset:

#define EVT_BLUE_GATT_ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIED          (0x0C01)
typedef __packed struct _evt_gatt_attr_modified{
  uint16_t conn_handle; /**< The connection handle which modified the attribute. */
  uint16_t attr_handle; /**< Handle of the attribute that was modified. */
  uint8_t  data_length; /**< The length of the data */
///@cond BLUENRG_MS
  uint16_t offset;     /**< Offset from which the write has been performed by the peer device */
  uint8_t  att_data[VARIABLE_SIZE]; /**< The new value (length is data_length) */
} PACKED evt_gatt_attr_modified;

What happens when a prepare write is received by the BlueNRG?
Is EVT_BLUE_GATT_ATTRIBUTE_MODIFIED event generated or is command rejected?
 Does evt_gatt_attr_modified contain at least length and data?

I also wonder why an uint8_t (max value = 255) is used for data_length,
as in“BlueTooth_Core_v4.0 “ Volume 3 of Part F – Attribute Protocol (ATT)
section 3.2.9 "Long Attribute Values" I read:

 The maximum length of an attribute value shall be 512 octets.”