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STM3232 discovery DAC problem

Question asked by rodriguey.pablo on Jun 26, 2011
Hello everybody,

I have the following configuration: two stm discovery connecte via SPI, one configured as master and the other as slave. What I do is send SPI commands from the master to the slave, and base on the value received, send the value to the DAC output, normally a holding voltage, like 1.5 V for 10'', then another command to switch to 0.5 for another 10''. So, basically switch between different values, constant values in the output of the DAC, continuosly. What happend is that after a while, the DAC stops working, sometimes after half a hour, sometimes after 45'. I tried I don't know how many different settings, speed and so, but the problem is still there. When I say stop working, I mean, the DAC send out the last value received via the SPI, permanently. I have to restart the board and start to work again.  I hope you have any idea about what is going on. Thx in advance,

Note: As you know, I send values between 0 and 4095 in the output with the DAC_SetChannel2Data..., and the last change I made was to not set the GPI speed of the DAC, even though, it stops after a while. I tried changing the board, but still the same problem.