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STM32F427VI + STemWin + RA8875

Question asked by eap on Aug 6, 2014
Hello, I have a problem for driving LCD. Let me tell you about hardware first:

- I am using STM32F427VI, 
- I am using FMC for communicating. D0..D15 and A16 and NE1 pins.
- Pin connections made for 8080 mode.
- I am not using an extarnal memory (ram or rom)

About software:
- I created project file with STM32CubeMX with last versions of F4 package.
- I copied STemWin 5.24b library from STM32CubeF4 folder. I created code without FreeRTOS version.
- I modified GUIConf and LCDConf files. Also i add a function for status reading. This is necessary for emWin for using with RA8875.
- I allocated about 192kbyte ram for emWin.

I am working on it about since 4 days. I can write to screen any message. I can draw to screen lines. But i cannot change background color, or i cannot draw a window. I can just write text messages and draw a line.

What is the problem you think? 

Do you thing, do not use an external ram is a reason for this? Because i dont use an external ram but almost in all examples an external ram is using.