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HID host bug

Question asked by weissman.noam on Jun 1, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2014 by JeanMark

I have a problem that looks like a bug in STM USB library. I am using version 2.1 running on STM32F207.

The problem I am facing is as follows:

I have a host running at the STM32F207 (HS) and a mouse connected to it. The code is based on a modified version from the examples. All works fine with one mouse. It is a simple Logitech 3 button + wheel.

When I connect a newer Logitech mouse or a a simple Pixart mouse the host start negotiation with them but fails.

The host reaches the enumeration state but does not call mouse init. I was able to find that it returns an error USBH_BUSY ?

It looks like enumeration is not complete or an error in descriptors transfer.

I have triad running STM unchanged code loaded on the evaluation board (STM3220) and also the latest CUBE for that board and it behaves exactly the same ??

Anyone seen something like that ?

Any input is appreciated.