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ERROR: SSL/TLS Error: Unable to connect (-330)

Question asked by pawlak.chris on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Voulgaris.Athanasios
With a SPW01SA I'm able to connect to a server using anonymous negotiation, but I often get the following error trying to open a socket before it opens successfully:

ERROR: SSL/TLS Error: Unable to connect (-330)

Exactly what does (-330) indicate?
  1. Does it makes sense that I tend to see the error more often when there is a lot of traffic on the server?
  3.  A co-worker thought that the problem may be that I don't have the wi-fi authenticating the server's certificate. If that was the problem, I shouldn't ever be able to open a socket to the server using anonymous negotiation, right?
  5. I tried one-way authentication, but I get this error: "ERROR: SSL/TLS Error: Unable to connect (-322)." Could that be because I'm specifying the wrong domain in the command AT+S.TLSDOMAIN=f_domain,<server domain>? The certificate was created from godaddy so I used (and,, etc) in place of <server domain>, but I always get the error.
Note: Before setting the <server domain> I do clear out the certificate information with AT+S.TLSCERT2 and set the time (in seconds) and load the certificate (in PEM format). When I send AT+S.TLSCERT=f_content,0 I get this response

# TLS loaded CERTs:
#  CA Cert: YES
#  Client Cert: NO
#  Client Key: NO
#  Domain Name: YES -