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SPC56EL60 Software Watchdog reset fails

Question asked by Patrik Schantl on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by carannante.procolo


I am currently using the software watchdog of SP56EL configured that the first counter time-out will raise and interrupt and the second counter time-out will reset the device. This works fine, but the controller can´t be initialized correctly after the reset. It runs throught boot.s  but stops in spc_clock_init() at this part:

/* The system must be in DRUN mode on entry, if this is not the case then
   it is considered a serious anomaly.*/

I think the reason is that controller is still in SAFE mode and not as it should be in DRUN mode at this time. Is this a missing part of implemenation in boot.s or do i have to change anything manually? What would be the correct actions for a correct reset after software watchdog time out?

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