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SPIRIT1: SYNC_MATCH SQI for time distance measure how it works

Question asked by brignoli.maurizio on Sep 11, 2015
Hello every,
     I would like to understand how SQI works into SPIRIT1 to evaluate if it can be used to calculate time of fligth (ToF) for distance measurement beween two end node.
To have a best ToF measure SQI value must be directed connected on one GPIOx by internal multiplex to avoid any time delay for internal state machine and SYNC matching response.

Questions are:
1) How much is the time delay beween RX SYNC detection by SQI correlation and output on GPIO? 

2) Is signal SQI response time affected by state machine status or not?

3) If I set SQI_THR >0 mean that there is a jitter in the SQI response depending on how my bit are wrong in the incoming SYNC WORD packet?

4) If I set SQI_THR = 0 how much is the delay between end of SYNC word and SQI assert on GPIO?

Any response will be appreciate.

Maurizio Brignoli