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Question asked by robertson.toby on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by robertson.toby
I am having a problem with the HTTPDFSUPDATE failing mid download here is what I see on the console:

 Image length 338827 (offset 0x00080000, block len 4096)
 Write len 4096 -> 0x8B000                                 
 Write len 4096 -> 0x8C000                                  
 Write len 4096 -> 0x8D000                                       
 Write len 4096 -> 0x8E000                                     
 Write len 4096 -> 0x8F000                                          
 Write len 4096 -> 0x90000                                      
 Write len 3227 -> 0x91000 (final)                                     
 Wrote 72859 byte                                                       
 Error (-3 @ 72855/338828), cleaning up..
+WIND:1:Poweron (160129-c5bf5ceSPWF01S)                                                                       
+WIND:0:Console active
What does error -3 mean?  I have tried both FW 3.4 & the newest FW 3.5 on the module.  The point at which it stops during the download seems to vary, also it sometimes does sucessfully finish the full download.

Thanks in advance.