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DEV_TARGET_CMD_ERR on breakpoints (Rowley Crossworks)

Question asked by Mike Silva on May 30, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2011 by benjamin.brad
I've just gotten some STM32VLDiscovery boards and am attempting to program them via Rowley Crossworks.  I've got the STLink connection working and can download and run programs and view registers, etc.  But if I try to set a breakpoint, when that breakpoint is hit I get the above error (DEV_TARGET_CMD_ERR) and, FWIW, both Discovery red LEDs go solid ON.  Does this describe any known issue?  Any hints as to what may be going wrong?  I've tried multiple boards so hardware is ruled out.

BTW, the version of stlinkusbdriver.dll I'm using, from the ST website, is 4.0.1b.  Any known problems with that?