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Read number of bytes in UART Buffer & DTF not setting after a tx

Question asked by wallis.kevin on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by carannante.procolo
Using an SPC564X, I'm trying to read how many bytes are in the BDRM (when in 4 byte buffer mode) on linflex3. I know it is possible on linflexd 0/1 using FIFO mode, but that isn't available on linflex2-9. The reason I need this is incase a message which isn't 4 byte aligned is received.

Also, would there be any reason the tx completed interrupt (cause by DTF) wouldn't fire after sending a byte? I'm finding a situation where I'll set TXEN in UARTCR, load my byte into the BDRL and after a few interrupts servicing in this same way it stops firing. At this point the TXEN field is still 1, but the DTF is 0.