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Dubts, how to reset stm8s

Question asked by tuxd3v on Dec 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by tuxd3v
Hi guys,
I am new to STM8s discovery...

I have done the following code:


    ;mapping.asm exists ...

    segment 'rom'
    bset $5011,#0;sets PD0 to input
    ldw X,#$FFFF
    decw X
    jrne loop_delay
    bcpl $500F,#0; togle port to input/output
    jra loop_main

This will blink the least it should...

the problem never blink :S

In debug mode I tried to see where is the problem...and when I start debug...the PC starts in 0x6000 :S

For what I understand it should start in 0x8080...

Is there any chance to when we reset the board in CN1, it restart the PC, but the first instruction is a jra to 0x8080?? to start running the code??

Am'i  thinking correct?

In stvp I chosed the Motorola like binary file, and in program code I flashed the board...

Thanks in advance

Ps:What is Blank check??does the programmer write something in the flash or epromm??