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SPIRIT1 VCO autocalibrate errata

Question asked by karam.karam on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by karam.karam
So if I want to hop to various frequencies I need to calibrate the VCO each time. That's fine and expected. The SPIRIT1 has a fantastic auto calibration time of only around 50us - one of the features that make it attractive relative to other contenders. EXCEPT you can't use auto calibrate because it fails every so often according to the errata sheet!!. So it may as well not be there. Instead you have to go through an onerous manual calibration process for each possible frequency you wish to use (store the values and then load them in from the MCU each time later on) and worse still you need to repeat this entire process if the temperature changes significantly (think outdoor devices) or at reasonably regular intervals in any case.

Someone please tell me I am wrong... or better still when will the next revision of the SPIRIT1 become available?