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Question asked by ebot.sidney_smith on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by Maksim Salau
I am using STM8S 105C^Discovery with a Windows 8 Laptop. I tried to compile some example codes using Cosmic C Compiler with an Evaluation Key, but I got some errors.

Here is the message I got

----------- Project pwm - STM8 Cosmic - Configuration Debug -------------

Compiling fwlib\project\stm8s_it.c...
cxstm8 +mods0 +debug -pxp -no -pp -l -dSTM8S105 -ifwlib\project -ifwlib\library\inc -i"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_EVAL\Hstm8"  -clDebug\ -coDebug\ fwlib\project\stm8s_it.c

Compiling stm8_interrupt_vector.c...
cxstm8 +mods0 +debug -pxp -no -pp -l -dSTM8S105 -ifwlib\project -ifwlib\library\inc -i"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_EVAL\Hstm8"  -clDebug\ -coDebug\ stm8_interrupt_vector.c

Running Linker
clnk -m Debug\ -l"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_EVAL\Lib"  -o Debug\pwm.sm8 Debug\pwm.lkf 
#error clnk Debug\pwm.lkf:71 Debug\stm8_interrupt_vector.o: symbol f_NonHandledInterrupt multiply defined (Debug\stm8s_it.o)
 The command: "clnk -m Debug\ -l"C:\Program Files\COSMIC\CXSTM8_EVAL\Lib"  -o Debug\pwm.sm8 Debug\pwm.lkf " has failed, the returned value is: 1
exit code=1.

pwm.elf - 3 error(s), 0 warning(s)


I would appreciate if some one can advice me on how to solve this problem