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L6474 Stepper Wave pulse mode

Question asked by lacoume.francois on Oct 28, 2016
Hi everybody, 

I am using the following conf:
- NEMA 17 Stepper (
- Arduino Uno,
- Shield X-Nucleo-Ihm-01A1 (

The question is:
Is it possible to drive my stepper with a "wave pulse" phases commutation, as per defined in the wikipedia stepper page (, also called "one phase on", in order to have only one coil powered at a time ?

It is also referred to in ths ST Micro AN4158, §1.1 "Full step and Half Step", be it is not clear whether it is an example, or an actual feature of the L6474 Chip.

No good result at the time by modifying the l6474_target_config.h, but it is likely to be an error (or several) from me....

In any case, if you have any idea, I would for glad if you woul share it !

Thank you !