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powerSTEP01 on NUCLEO-IHM03A1 - no SPI response

Question asked by fjosna.erlend on Sep 28, 2016
I am not getting any response from the chip. The microcontroller I am using is a Parallax P8X32, giving me full control of the SPI signalling. I am using Mode0, doing a: CS high, CS low, clock out xD0 (get status), then three times:(CS high, CS low clock out dummy byte, CS high) to read back the reply. I am getting nothing.
Unfortunately, there is little tutorial information available, such as what is the required SPI mode?, is an initial register write required, etc. Also, what role does the Reset pin play - does it need to be toggled?
Usually I find it easey to write SPI drivers for chips, but with powerSTEP01 I am strugling. Help would very much be appreciated, this chip looks to be ideal for our purpose.