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Question asked by pavlov.pavel on Jul 27, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2015 by pepe.federico
Hello again!
See in a new version of datasheet /June.2015/. Wonderfull, but I must read that file and previous version/s/ file to discover where and how mani differences are in Last version.
Anyway, I have three questions about deep understanding of SPIRIT1:
1. In p.48 of datasheet, we read about High and Low threshold of AGC /Values 0...15/. I understand, that AGC algorythm start /if Enabled/ at Level -50 dBm. But, if I set High Threshold of AGC equal to, suppose 9, what that means? 9 is dBm, so -50+9=-41dBm?, or 9 is same as the RSSI Level, where 1LSB is equal to 0.5 dBm, so -50+(9*0.5)=-45.5 dBm, or something other, I don't know. Same question is about Low threshold.
2. In p.79, Table37, I/O Selection 29 and 20 we read "VDD (or GND) , to EMULATE an additional GPIO of the MCU, programmable by SPI. I cannot understand, is there a way, (which I cannot understand), to made an additional GPIO of SPIRIT1, /by help of MCU/, and if it is true, what is hardware /and algorythm/, to realise that?
3. In "" there are a File "SPIRIT_Regs.h", at the end of which we read:(C) COPYRIGHT 2012 STMicroelectronics, and in that File we read an another command IQC_INIT_LOAD (0x6E)!
Is it true?, and if is, what make that Command, and why is not explained in Datasheet?
P. Pavlov