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STemWin drawing artifacts

Question asked by techie.renovo on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by Clive One

I just spent a couple of days integrating STemWin in a starter project and got that to work rather nicely. Now I am toying around with it so see if it can do all the things I need for my display project. In the process I noticed a vertical black line on the display that appears to be an artifact of the drawing algorithm (GUI_AA_DrawArc()). I am using black background and white foreground. It looks like a single pixel line and shows only in the upper half of the display, the lower half is fine. That would be at 90 degrees for the arc.

Here is the drawing code:
 GUI_AA_SetFactor (3); GUI_AA_EnableHiRes (); GUI_SetPenSize (5); GUI_AA_DrawArc (360, 360, 344, 0, 10, 350); GUI_SetPenSize (40); GUI_AA_DrawArc (360, 360, 260, 0, 210, 330); GUI_RECT clip = {80, 10, 160, 150}; GUI_SetClipRect (&clip); GUI_AA_DrawArc (360, 360, 260, 0, 40, 150); GUI_SetClipRect (NULL);

The artifact shows up in both the first and the third arc (the one in the clip region) at the same x-location.

Has anyone seen something like this before. Could there be a setup problem (though I have no idea where that might be) or might this be a bug in the drawing algorithm?