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EVAL6470PD Vdd supply and SW input

Question asked by jarratt.robert on Jun 30, 2016
I have two EVAL6470PD boards that I will be using to drive the stepper motors in an XY stage. They will be controlled from a PIC32 board through SPI.  Is there any performance or noise immunity advantage to using an external 3.3 vdc supply for the Vdd voltage vs using the internal Vreg to supply the EVAL6470PD logic?

As a separate issue, I do not understand why the SW (external switch) input is treated differently in the on the EVAL6470PD board vs the EVAL6470H board. The value of R8 (the series resistor between the SW pad on the board and the SW input of the device) is 100 ohm in the 6470H version and 10K in the 6470PD version.  It seems to me that the 10K value is much too high.